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Forbidden (Southern Comfort #2)

Forbidden (Southern Comfort #2) - Lisa Clark O'Neill I loved Forbidden just as much as I loved Serendipity. I really enjoy this author's books because they seem so old-school romance and they remind of when I first discovered this genre.The book follows Clay Copeland, the best friend from the first book, behaviour specialist and an FBI agent. I loved Clay. I loved Clay in the first book, too, so it's no surprise, but I had to say it. He was one hot mess, in every sense of that expression. Capable, confident, and so human - you could tell how on edge he was because of his job and everything that happened.What I love about both Lisa Clark O'Neill's heroes is that they're not over-the-top alpha. They're just the right amount of possessive not to make it creepy, and they respect their women, they don't boss them around.Tate was a likable, strong heroine. She doesn't mope around about the bad hand life dealt her, but then again she had all these people around her willing to pitch in. I loved her understanding towards Clay and his job. And I absolutely loved that she's got her priorities ~so straight, her son comes before everything else.Max is one of the few children in books that didn't annoy me, lol. I know that's an awful thing to say, but there you go.I felt that there was a point to him other than the characterization of his mother - that he was an important element of the story and getting Clay to come to terms with what happened. I loved Max, he was so adorable.There is a bit of insta-love in here, but it's nothing over-the-top and there is great chemistry between Clay and Tate. I loved that he was just as besotted by Max as he was with her.Sadly, I couldn't get into this straight away. The first book grasped my attention from the very beginning, but in this one it takes until you're well into the story for things to start happening.I also wasn't a fan of so many POVs. And there was a bit of head hopping in the very last chapter that I really didn't like.This is probably why I'm rating it lower than I did the first book, but that doesn't mean I didn't love it.The characters feel real, and the story was actually quite interesting. It kind of felt like a very low-key episode of Criminal Minds.I loved how she wrote out Clay's thought process, analyzing everyone around him, you can tell it's his second nature.By the time I was really into it, it was bedtime. So I didn't sleep. It was a good book with a good thrill in the end. There's a bit of mystery, too, trying to figure out who RJ really is. I'd like to say I figured it out straight away, but I didn't :(. My instinct has failed me. It took me around 60% of the book to start piecing it together.One mildly graphic sex scene. I thought it was better than the one in the first book.If you've loved Serendipity, I think you will like this book, too. While I felt Serendipity lacked something, this book has it all, unfortunately I couldn't ignore the fact that it took me a while to get into it.I'm looking forward to the next book. You know, Lisa Clark O'Neill has a way of making you like the next book's hero in the book you're reading. I really liked Josh Harding and I found myself thinking that I'd love the next book to be either about him or Justin. I absolutely loved these two characters.And what do you know, Deception features Josh. Coming late 2013, can't wait.Oh, while I loved loved loved the cover of Serendipity, this one... I don't really like so much. Oh, well.