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Serendipity - Lisa Clark O'Neill I cannot believe this is a debut novel!I thought the premise was something new, but it didn't end up being what I thought it would be. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm saying that I can't believe that this is a debut because the way it was written was wonderful, with a lot of skill, the pace was perfect, everything rounded up nicely in the end, the two main characters are anything but boring, and there is an array of supporting characters that I was dying to know more about, too.I loved the opening! It drags you in and you just know you're in for one hell of a ride with these two.Jordan is a great hero. I loved his whole family, and I loved that he wasn't a typical romance hero. He wasn't set out on never committing, he wasn't a serial womanizer, he was just a nice guy that hadn't found "the one" yet.And "the one" turned out to be Ava, the heroine. I loved her so much, she is a strong female character, a successful, independent woman that can take care of herself just fine.Yes, the romance aspect was my usual "too fast". What was good is that the whole kidnapping/saving Jordan thing didn't present that big of an obstacle as it could have. Kudos to author for having characters *gasp* TALK IT OUT! YES!The book is a real page turner, everything happens at perfect pace and has you wondering what will happen next - the suspense is great. The switching of POV between characters was spot on, just as I was wondering what the other character was thinking, I was being informed of it. Great timing.The book has a sequel featuring one of the supporting characters from this book, Clay, that I wondered about. I read the sneak peek at the end of this book and it seems to be equally as thrilling and I can't wait to read it. Lisa Clark O'Neill definitely won me over with her writing style.edit: Yay, the cover and blurb are up :).