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Maverick - Anna Cruise This would have been a perfect five star read for me but in the end I was just sort of left... unsatisfied. As it is, it's more of a 4.5.I feel horrible about it because it really had everything.A great hero and heroine, with awesome chemistry.A great story line that I breezed through.Something a little different than your usual NA romance.Low on drama! Yay.Kellen is really just misunderstood. Love these nice guy heroes. He didn't piss me off once, which tells you a lot since there actually were a couple of things he did that were debatable. But I felt everything he did was in character and not the author trying to create a swoon worthy manwhore. Which he wasn't really.And Gina was such a great character too! I mean she's a strong female character pulling through after all that's happened and she really came off as smart and confident (for the most part). I just didn't like that she kept intruding with her POV.This was supposed to be an all male POV book, dammit.I love all male POV books.Actually, the reason I wanted to read this so bad is because when Anna Cruise put up her ARC form thing, she asked a question about whether or not people liked reading male POV books. And I was like HELL YES. (I bought the book, btw, this was not an ARC. Just clarifying that.)But I digress.I loved the chemistry between Gina and Kellen, they hit it right off. It was insta-love but for some reason I didn't mind. I wouldn't have minded if she let it develop over a little more time, either, but eh.So, did the author pull off male POV? I haven't read her other books and have no idea if she's done it before, but Maverick felt genuine.My problem with the book? There weren't really supporting characters. Some passers-by, yes, but for the most part it's Gina and Kellen.However, there was Jay. I would have loved Jay! You know that feeling when you mourn a character even if you never got to meet him? Yup, that was Jay for me. I was really bummed about his death (not a spoiler!)One thing I really didn't like was the near-rape scene towards the end. Then they proceed to have sex. Ugh.There are a couple of graphic sex scenes in the book.Overall, I loved Maverick! The characters felt real, it was really low on drama, some of the things turned out way different than I thought they would be and I loved that as well.Definitely recommend this book.