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Ocean Kills (Ocean Breeze, #1)

Ocean Kills (Ocean Breeze, #1) - Jade Hart 21.02.'13 - Free in the Kindle store.OK WHAT? Ocean sure does kill, without flinching.This was brilliant. It's such a unique story and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time wanting to know what happens next. Ocean and Callan have so much chemistry it's ridiculous. And they make such a great team, despite not really seeing them in action, you just know they'd be so good together.I love Ocean, she is such a great character. My heart broke for her after I found out what she went through. No wonder she's living her life as a closed off vigilante. She's feisty and arrogant (and hotheaded, I might add). She's kickass, I loved her to bits.If I could jump into the pages of a book and leave my life I would. I'd dive into a fairy tale and meet a man who’d look after me while I pranced around in pretty dresses.I wrinkled my nose. As if, Ocean. You’d rather kill a man than let him order you around. And dresses? I hated the damn things. Guess I lived my own story, flawed as it was.Oh Ocean, you are so awesome.Stop ogling the criminal, Callan.Callan Bliss. What a fantastic name. I really loved him although his many talents were a bit over the top. Also, I couldn't stop laughing how he both chastised and tried to justify himself every time he reached beyond the law. He was a cop!Probably not ethical, but so what?No, but he was so awesome, too. Super intelligent, cocky and nice. Double-0-Super-Cool. And absolutely fascinated by Ocean. I loved it that he never really gave up on her.The writing is wonderful, it's packed with action and you are never bored for a second because something is always happening. It takes you to Australia, England, South Africa, Korea, Thailand...wonderful. It's such a fun concept too. Callan and Ocean have completely different voices.Just so you know, there are some sex scenes in this book. Nothing too graphic, but like everything about this, they're different than usual. You'll see.Love the cover, it's different than what we see these days. Matches the book, too.Ugh, the cliffhanger in the end. I'm glad things are looking up but I'm worried sick about Callan. Who does that? Did she not think how that would look? And who's the new guy and what does he want with Ocean? I'll kill someone (lol) if he turns out to be a romantic interest. NOOOOOO.And when's the next book coming out?