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Falling Stars (Falling Stars, #1)

Falling Stars (Falling Stars, #1) - Sadie Grubor Hm. I am so torn about this. It's a pretty cookie-cutter story and that's what I didn't like about it. But on the other hand, I did like the way the story unfolded (at least until...a certain issue I never like in books). And while the characters were also pretty cookie-cutter, the issues they deal with and the way they deal with them were not, and all of them were pretty well developed. I loved the dynamic between the girls. Guys, eh...didn't feel it as much. The chemistry between Chris and Mia was great, though!What is different about this is that Chris is not saved by the power of love, as often characters are in books like these (think Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, or whatshisname from The Mighty Storm - Jake something). He actually seeks professional help and in the end he still hasn't worked his issues out. Mia doesn't believe she can save him with some TLC alone, the way heroines often do. She calls him out on his bullshit all the time, which I really liked, because she didn't come of as a sad, pathetic, lovesick puppy willing to do anything to be with him.So, you know, it actually felt realistic.Another thing I liked is that they don't just fall in love at first sight - I'd say they start off by disliking each other, they weren't even together that much. There's some serious attraction, but it's well over half of book when anything serious even happens between them.Though, I couldn't shake off this feeling that the only reason he was falling for her was that she took his nightmares away and he somehow made it out in his head to be more than it was. What if she didn't? And why did that happen anyways?And his dependency on her to get through the night was unsettling (and the way he went about it, barging into her room, manhandling her, etc. - seriously, not cool. I can't approve of this.) I was happier when he agreed to seek help (even if he was reluctant).I wasn't a fan of the whole pregnancy thing, but I'm usually not. It slowed the story down so much and it got boring. But! I wasn't really put off by it, and that's a first.I just feel that often authors invent a baby in order to force the characters to stay together and work through those issues and that's what it felt like here too.If there wasn't a baby, would they ever get (back, or at all) together? I'm not so sure.I won't talk about the continuity/editing issues I found because I believe the author will fix this eventually. Actually, some of them made me laugh :) - it happens when you read a funny constructed sentence at 5 in the morning.So yeah, I can't agree with people saying this was like 50SoG (although there's the whole inner whore inner horny teenager thing in this too, which made me gag) or Bared to You, or Beautiful Disaster, or whatever, because the author actually takes the time to let the characters fall in love, work through their issues, and she doesn't just invent a solution to all their problems and tah-dah, happy ending. Oh, speaking of which, the ending was kind of anti-climatic, like she wanted to continue the story instead of ending it. It just wasn't a this is why I read this book ending that leaves you wanting more.So yeah, if you're into this kind of story, rock stars, heroes with troubled pasts, etc, I'd definitely recommend the book. Just be prepared to suffer through a lot of unedited writing that will make you cringe at times (or laugh. whichever.)