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After Math - Denise Grover Swank This book has a very depressing tone, despite being a feelgood read. I know that makes no sense, but just bear with me.I guess I could say that I didn't expect to like it as much as I did after some reviews I read, but it wasn't ah-mayzing, either.Being in Scarlett's head was sometimes exhausting. It's not just the fact that she was so closed off, but she would often turn into a real drama queen and it was annoying as hell. It was really okay during the first half of the book, but during the second it was almost unbearable how much she made a big deal out of everything.On the other hand, she's a genuinely good person, and I liked that she really cared about Tucker rather than being swayed by his good looks and football superstar status. She actually didn't care about that, at all. She's also not the virginal, naive heroine, as much as she seems so at first. Oh and, she has no self-image issues, she knows she's good looking, she just doesn't like the attention.Tucker, on the other hand, was an enigma from start to finish. This will probably sound weird because, sure, you get to know him some, and I actually really, really liked him, but overall, he was a mystery and he remained a mystery to me. I understood his struggles, but I didn't connect with him all that much. Sometimes I wished it was dual POV just so I could get inside his head.I said it in my status updates, and I'll say it again: These two were one huge mess of insecurities. But nevertheless, you can see that they were made for each other, and I had some seriously aweeeee moments reading it. They were just so sweet together. There's no insta-love, their relationship progresses naturally, they're so real and honest with each other, and you know - I liked that they somehow made each other complete.It's written in first person present, and it just didn't sit right with me. But that's okay, overall I did like the writing style.Thankfully, the author didn't succumb to the-big-misunderstanding, although it was an easy trap, what with Tucker's character being a such a mess.Supporting characters were good and I liked them. I didn't like the love-triangle attempt, because in the end it turned out to be pointless.The ending was very rushed, and that's ultimately why I decided to keep my rating at 3.5. It's like, you get to see very little of the two of them together, then poof, he's gone. And then poof...you know? Rushed.There are a couple of mildly graphic sex scenes, just a heads up. For some reason, I was hoping it was clean.Like I said, this book was a nice surprise, I didn't expect to like it so much. It's about two people being exactly what the other needs to get over their demons and be complete. I definitely recommend it.