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Full Count - C.A. Williams I first abandoned this at 70%!It started out pretty good. Little did I know (see what I did here?) that the more I read the worse this book will get.Dylan was actually pretty cool, but not enough to keep me reading.What bothered me was Paige. At one point she turns into kind of a slut, and she's pretty dumb, too. She actually thought Tiger Burn meant they were really burning tigers. Also, she's completely irresponsible - she has sex with a guy more than once without protection and then acts dumb about it - apparently it didn't even cross her mind that she could get pregnant. He acts all dumb about it, too. And they have a lot of sex.At least the book had good editing (ish) unlike the last book I read by this author.Then I went back to finish it because my friend told me I had to read the ending. There's the big misunderstanding, and meh. It's pretty convenient for the story. The ending, though? I agree it completely took me by surprise. For that, I'll give this book three stars, even if I'm not a fan of that sort of thing.