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Chasing Leah (Journey, #1)

Chasing Leah (Journey, #1) - C.A. Williams I would give five stars to the story. It was new and kind of different than anything I've read lately. There was "the big misunderstanding" that I hate so much but it actually fit the story for once and I loved the way the author dealt with it. The story was a bit slow at times, and it didn't really have a high peak, that moment you wait for the whole time you read a book, but I didn't mind. It was a sweet story, told in a sweet way, with a bit of a cliffhanger in the end (that I thought wasn't really necessary, but anyways).I loved Leah and the way she handled everything life threw her way. She is strong and capable. Her love and care for Caleb was touching, and she was suitably mature for her age considering everything. I related to her on a personal level, too, which is why I liked her so much and found her a believable character.And Chase is wonderful, perfect in every way but it's not unrealistic. Don't be fooled by the blurb, because Chase is not a bad boy. He is actually a really good guy, and during the whole book he did everything perfect. His family is loving and wonderful and it's no wonder he was such a nice guy.(Is there a prejudice that because someone has tattoos and piercings, they're automatically a bad boy/bad girl? This is so wrong.)The romance is sweet, and there was obvious chemistry between Chase and Leah.Actually, as I write this, I'm even contemplating giving it five stars, but I just can't justify that. The book is not just about the story, is it?The writing is awful. It's full of grammar and spelling mistakes that I'm pretty sure nobody went over twice (or even once) to fix. There's a considerable lack of proper punctuation.I'm downright offended that the author let someone pay $4.99 (Kindle price for me) to read something like this. I'm trying not to be harsh, but I just can't help myself, it really was that awful. It was full of the usual they're/their/there and it's/its and your/you're mistakes, a lot of who's/whose and it also had one of my biggest pet peeves - the would of/should of. This is just wrong.It doesn't just happen once, it goes on and on throughout the book and after maybe the tenth time I realized that they're not so much of typos or slip-ups, but that the author actually cannot use them properly. There are also these never ending sentences and improper use of tenses, and a bunch of repetitive sentences that sort of just up the word count without really telling you anything new.Here's an example...you'll see when we get there, we probably have about two hours in the car before we get there. We'll get there... (Chapter 16)See what I mean?I know the temptation of self-publishing, of just putting something together and putting it out there, but I expect to be treated with respect as a reader and I didn't see it here. It could have used a lot more work, and an impossible amount of editing.So, with five stars for the story, and a one measly star for writing, it goes down to three stars and I think I'm being generous. The author does have talent for storytelling and I hope she keeps writing, but I'm also hoping that next time she will pay much more attention to these things. I'm also looking forward to see what happens next in their story.