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Ruining You

Ruining You - Nicole Reed, Erinn Giblin Well played, Nicole Reed. Also, this is more of a 3.5 for me, that's why I keep switching between 3 and 4 stars all the time.Okay, having some personal experience dealing with one of the issues dealt with in this book, it really got to me. I could feel how hard it was for Jay to face the consequences of her attempted suicide, not just when it comes to her putting her life back together, but when it comes to people that surround her, too. I have to applaud the author for the way she deals with it.The story basically continues a couple of months after Ruining Me finishes. Jay is alive, but not really, she is healing, but is still tormented by what happened. I liked how she dealt with it, though. There are these little revelations along the way that make her realize the choices we make are all ours and nobody else's. You can choose to live, and then you do. Jay is a strong girl, I've said this already in my review for the first book, and some may think that she was a bit too whiny in this, but I didn't think so. Yes, I rolled my eyes every time she fought back tears, but that's just my knee-jerk reaction, I don't like weepers. I understood her. And it was great seeing her grow, not just in terms of dealing with her past, but also just plain growing up.What I didn't like was how she was leading one of the boys on with her indecisiveness. I think there was never really a choice, you know? The author heavily hints at who will be endgame.I know I'm supposed to be all Team Jay, but I was Team Jay from the beginning. She's the protagonist of the book. Of course I cared who she ends up with, if that makes me shallow, that's what I am. But anyways.The writing is so much better than in the first book, too. More focused, and the book is definitely better edited. There's great chemistry between the characters, I loved the addition of Eli and Jay's dad. Her mum I didn't like so much, for whatever reasons, she was just overbearing and again I understand it, but I just didn't like her. Loved the little twist in the end, that was cool. Didn't like the very end, but that's just one of my book pet-peeves and I can't blame Nicole Reed for writing it, and I know people will love it.There are a couple of graphic sex scenes, for those who care.A fair bit of this book is a recap of the first. I was bored and skimmed these parts. Then when things start happening, it reminds you of what happened earlier in the book. Hence the lower rating.It's a great sequel to the first book, all the loose ends tie up nicely and the story is well and done in the end. I loved Jay's journey from the broken girl in the first book to a strong young woman in the second and I'd take it all over again.** ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.