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Forever My Girl (Beaumont, #1) - Heidi  McLaughlin How do I feel about this book? Well, first I want to say that I've read it before. Not just once, many times. I already knew everything that will happen. This story is the bane of my book existence because it's so predictable. I keep waiting for authors to do something different with the secret baby plot, but I still haven't seen it done (if anyone knows of any different book - recommend away.)But hey, I'll try and review it like it's not something we've seen before.I loved Liam. He may have made bad decisions, but honestly, he chose himself and his happiness and I always appreciate that in a character. He obviously didn't know what he was doing and the consequences both he and Josie will face because of it, but he chose his own happiness. I can't fault him for that.What I didn't like is how he suddenly realizes he can't live without her. I kept wondering why didn't he come back sooner? Yeah, makes no sense. He comes back, realizes he does want her and the life she can give him, all of a sudden she doesn't cramp his style anymore, so he goes for it. That's selfish.Josie...I can't say I was much of a fan. The way she treated Nick when all he did was stood by her was just despicable. I feel like the author tried to villain-ize Nick in order to make Josie's behavior okay and it was out of character after she paints him as the nice guy he was in the beginning. I get that she's in love with Liam, but show some respect.And she could have been a little more unforgiving towards Liam. Yeah, he didn't know what he was doing, but it does not excuse that he left her without a word, without anything even remotely close to an explanation. He ignored her after he left. So not only does she not respect someone who stood by her for 10 years, but she doesn't have any self respect, either.If I were to judge by the quality of writing, I'd say it's pretty awesome. I loved the writing style and it's what kept me reading despite the predictable plot. It's the reason I'm being generous with the rating. There's good chemistry between Josie and Liam, but that's not what got to me. It's the easy relationship he has with Katelyn. And how I hated Sam at the first mention of her. And it's the fact that I was absolutely devastated by the death of a certain character even though we never get to meet him outside of a couple of flashbacks. So I have to say it's a testament to Heidi McLaughlin's writing.I did notice a few spelling mistakes, most notably "too" instead of "to" a couple of times. But someone did a good job editing it considering it's a self-published book.The quality of writing is the reason I'll be reading the second book, because I'm guessing she can't use the same plotline again. Don't worry people, this book has an ending, the next one is a companion book.Like I said, this is nothing new. But yeah, I'd still recommend it. I can think of a few other books that are maybe a better read with this exact same plot - Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson come to mind right away, but this isn't far behind.