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Edge of Disaster (An Edge Novel, #1)

Edge of Disaster (An Edge Novel, #1) - A.M. Hargrove I might as well DNFed this one for how much I skimmed over the second half.The book started out so good, I was reading it with a friend and we were gushing about it, first - the blurb sounded really good, this girl on self-destruction path and a guy who saves her, and second - the beginning really was good. But then things just got...not so good. I finished this just to see who kidnapped her and why, because that was so completely random I needed to know the reason behind it.The characters are pretty one-dimensional. I couldn't connect with anyone at all. Alexia has an inappropriate reaction to just about everything that happens to her, good or bad. I couldn't get over it. She's acting pretty immature for her age - I actually thought she was much much younger, somewhere between 20 and 23 years old. She's 28.I thought I loved Pearce when we first met him, but the whole lovesick puppy act was driving me nuts. I did love the whole surgeon part of him :), but like Lexi, he seemed younger than he is.Insta-love alert. They say "I Love You" so many times I feel like I need to read an anti-romance right about now. It's pretty cheesy. Also, tons and tons of sex scenes. Mostly the same.There is chemistry between Pearce and Lexi, but it got lost somewhere along the way in stilted dialogue. The secondary characters were meh.I'm so sad because I didn't like this, I was really hoping I would.