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Letting Go (Mitchell Family, #1)

Letting Go (Mitchell Family, #1) - Jennifer Foor I got just beyond halfway through this and then I gave up and just read the last chapter and kind of skimmed over the rest.It was badly written, and the characters were ridiculous.I thought the story was good, and I really wanted to get into it because I liked the premise, but the writing just put me off. All these never ending sentences, and unnatural dialogue, I was cringing the whole time.Van was pathetic and immature. She kept whining about everything and making herself out to be a martyr and a victim all the time. And she giggled during the one sex scene I read. I just couldn't get over it.Colt. UGH. Major dislike. His character was all over the place, hot and cold all the time. First he's a player that thinks about hooking up with Sabrina, and then he gets offended and defensive when Van calls him out on it. And then he was constantly saying one thing and doing another. And the worst part is that he kept Tyler's cheating a secret. Just, NO.Tyler was a jackass. Also, guys like that should not giggle. It's not cute. It takes a hell of a male character to be able to get away with giggling. He was not it.I keep wondering if I maybe read something different than the rest of people, but I doubt it.I feel so bad about this review.The whole thing just needed a lot more work. And an editor. ASAP.