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ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE WITH...A GOD? (a Paranormal Romance) (Accidentally Yours)

Accidentally in Love with...A God?   - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Although I feel I'm being a little generous with the rating for a couple of reasons I will mention later - I'll still say that this book is awesome - if only for the fact I was cracking up like a schoolgirl while reading it.The heroine of this book is extremely likable. She's feisty and snarky and at times, absolutely mad. She's been hearing a man in her head ever since she could remember - so she named him Guy and just learned to live with it. I liked her spirit, completely unbreakable.Step away, Edward Cullen, we have a seventy thousand year old virgin in the house. Votan, Guy, Mr. Santiago - comes equipped with long blue/black hair, sun-kissed olive skin, a seductive voice that can make you do almost anything and... a gargantuan penis (that scared me a little. () this much.) I liked Guy. He was supposed to be this god of War and Death but he's such a softy, and completely whipped. But, you know, he's a god, so of course he's awesome. Think billionaire tycoon, except God. He has private planes, villas all over the world, his own small army and he's much nicer.These two bicker all the freaking time, like a married couple or something. I think the author did a good job with this, because, you know - they did spend 22 years together. Unfortunately, I didn't think these two belonged together. She had much better chemistry with Tommaso and I thought they were a much better pair.While I found the story interesting, and I liked the characters - I just wasn't that into it, and when I put it down I had to make myself start reading it again. Not to mention I was really put off by the title of this book - and I felt like I was spoiled because you know right away what Guy is.That being said, I really did laugh my way through it. Emma has the most inappropriate thoughts at the weirdest of times. I wanted to quote some of it, but at some point I just stopped highlighting... there's too much.Now, what didn't I like about it? I didn't like the villain. You never really get to know him. Come to think of it, you only get to know Emma, and even though being in her head was funny, she will probably annoy you at times, too. Cimil, Tommaso could have been great secondary characters, but again, they were just slightly shallow. As was Guy. As was this villain guy who you literally just meet, get a name for him, and then he's gone.There's a major plot hole in the end that I will not talk about (because it's slightly spoilerish). I was reading this really late, so maybe I got it wrong, too.There's a sex scene in this. It's not really that graphic, because Emma has this endless monologue while at it, but I'll tell you it was five hours long. Because he's a god, and all.It wasn't an amazing book, but it was highly entertaining and I do recommend people read it. I like the way this author writes, and because of it I will actually be reading the second book, too - and it has the word "vampire" in the title, so this is a big deal.