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Vacant [Adult version]

Vacant [Adult version] - Evelyn R. Baldwin Awwwwe. I really really liked this story. I wish it was longer instead of all that story crammed in, though. I think I'd have enjoyed it more if I got to see them together rather than get glimpses every now and then.And before someone says something about novellas being short and stuff like that - I get it. I just wish it was a full length book.I loved Ethan's voice! I actually really liked the introduction of his character - because authors often play on the ward-of-state past. And while Ethan's life wasn't easy, the fact that he was in the system didn't mark him for life like that. I'm so tired of kids being abused in books - this was like a breath of fresh air.Emily was great too. I loved her energy and that she never gave up.But you know, you can't really talk about either of these without mentioning the other. I loved that Ethan took care of her, and I loved that she let him. He never thinks of her as a nuisance... more like a gift. I loved that he just couldn't help himself in saving her, and I think that what she gave him back, that sunshine he so needed in his life, was really worth it.Okay, so the things I didn't like? Obviously, they had chemistry, but I felt like it was too little.I didn't like that most of the book was from Ethan's POV and then, for some reason, you get a chapter or two of Emily's, then it's back to Ethan again for the last one.However, I really did enjoy the way it was written. It starts out with Ethan being pretty pathetic and then as time passes you see just how good Emily was for him, even if he was the one that took care of her.There's also very little drama in the book. I liked that.This is not erotica, but there is a graphic sex scene in there.Overall, if you're looking to squeeze in a short read (and I mean short - 80ish pages), this should give you that fix :). It's a wonderful love story about how two seemingly hopeless people give each other hope.