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Lash - L.G. Castillo First of all, take a moment and look at that gorgeous cover.Seriously.Lash is quite possibly my favorite fallen angel ever! Sah-woon.And he's the proof that if an author creates a character I'll love despite his many flaws, I'll love the book as well, despite some things that might have bothered me about it.Lash is a fallen angel in every sense of that term. He's wasting his life away, not that he has any of it to waste because it's pretty much an empty existence.I loved Naomi. She's not your typical damsel in distress heroine and I liked her a lot for that.You know, there was great chemistry between these two, and it's obvious from the beginning that there's a lot more to their story than this insta-love fallen-angel-falls-for-human plot. That's not what it's about at all.However, I felt that their new relationship wasn't developed that well. The author glossed over that and I felt sort of robbed.Put that, and some head hopping aside, it was really good writing - told in 3rd person past tense and the author lets you in on just enough to keep you wondering and engaged throughout the story. There were a couple of scenes bursting with emotion, I felt for the characters a lot.I did have trouble piecing the story together, even after all was said and done. It was all a little blurry and I'm guessing she's keeping it for the second book.I loved Jeremy (even if I thought his and Jane's POVs were unnecessary). I would love to read his book, though I fear with the way things ended that the second will be a continuation of Lash/Naomi rather than a companion book.But that's okay, because it's not a cliffhanger, and I can wait. I can wait.There are a couple of sex scenes (two-ish) and they were mildly graphic. Compared to some of the things I read, they were pretty tame, but I felt it suited the story.I'm torn whether I should write a trigger warning here - so I'll put it under a spoiler tag. It's not much of a spoiler though, but just to be safe: there's a graphic depiction of suicide attempt.I liked this book a lot! My only complaint is that it was maybe a little same-old, same-old when it comes to angel books, but I'd definitely recommend it! I'm hoping the next one will bring a new twist to this story. I'll definitely be reading it.