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HDU (HDU, #1)

HDU (HDU, #1) - India Lee FREE TODAY in the Kindle store!Uh-oh. I think I may add India Lee to my list of favorite authors. It could be just the sheer amount of bad books I've read lately, but I liked this so much I feel it worthy of five stars!If you've ever lost yourself for hours on ONTD (I know I sure did), you will love this. See, Amanda is one of us. And even though her story is unbelievable beyond the pages of a book or a rom-com movie, it's really engaging and wonderful, with a Cinderella-but-not-quite feel. Because Amanda, in fact, hates her prince charming with burning passion. But after being jilted and cheated on by her best friend and boyfriend, shunned by the small town she lives in, she resorts to having to overcome that dislike in order to prove everyone wrong.Some people steal, some people do drugs, some people sell them.  I date models.Liam stole my heart from that first HDU appearance. I don't know why - usually I'd go all Amanda on a story like that, he is a womanizing douchelord (btw, brilliant!). But it's because of this that you just know that you're in for a good read, and it turned out to be exactly that.Amanda is witty and funny and loyal and sweet despite trying to pass herself off as something else. I loved her. After all that happened with Megan and Brandtwhatshisname, I really thought she deserved a break.And Liam is just as wonderful once you get to know him better. You can actually see his subtle change towards her.I could go on, and on, and on about how much I liked the dynamic between Amanda and Liam from that very first e-mail, trying to outplay each other. To the easy relationship that they fell into. To the very last scene because it was so appropriate.I missed Liam, and I missed them, every time he was gone. I started to worry that the author wasn't going that way, and I'd have to switch sides to Dylan, whom I didn't like at all, for some reason and it would completely change the rating of this book for me if the author went that way.And with a cast of interesting supporting characters, you are never bored. I must admit, I was intrigued by Casey and if she turns out to prove wrong on accusations. And I loved Ian because he gave off that "friend material" vibe. Megan, the icky, attention seeking ex-best-friend that you just love to hate.Oh, I don't even want to admit at what I thought this book would be about. I'm quite happy with what it turned out to be.The writing is wonderful, witty and charming, and the only fault to this is that I really wanted to see more of Amanda and Liam. It. Was. Just. Too. Short.But fear not, because at the end of the book there's mention of the sequel. And a couple of more books from Ms. Lee that I can't wait to see what they are about. I definitely recommend (not only) this book (but also this author)!