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Back When You Were Easier to Love

Back When You Were Easier to Love - Emily Wing Smith I want to give this a better rating, but really, when you don't like the heroine, who just so happens to narrate the book too, and being in her head is annoying, it's hard to like the book.Because, to me, the heroine was so immature, so judgmental, so shallow, so clueless that it was hard to warm up to her even if I tried really hard to do it. She belittles everyone around her, completely undeserved, too, and the one person she glorifies is the least likable character of the book - Zan. You can just see how much worse than her he is, and if I didn't like her, I absolutely hated him.Question: Noah says that he and Zan weren't really the bestest of friends. How did she not know this? She was his girlfriend. I'm pretty sure she should have known this.Having decided by third chapter that I don't like Joy, I tried to still like the rest of the book. Tough, not only because she kept annoying me, Zan proves me right that he should be the least likable character in the book, but also because never once did I think "this is what I've been waiting for, this is why this book was worth reading". I'm left pretty unsatisfied in the end, and I do not like this feeling one bit. I just needed something.I was aware that this is a clean read, and this did not bother me at all.What saved the book for me is Noah. He is such a great character (even if a bit under-developed), he is the sweetest guy. I'd go as far to say that I liked the book because of Noah which is why I'm being generous with the rating.That and the fact that I liked the way it was written. It's a bit slow at times, especially when she tells you the back story, but once you're in the present things kind of move faster. The book really begins once the road trip starts, though. You can sense there is some chemistry between Noah and Joy, and I loved that.Overall, I'd say that it is not a bad book, exactly. It's just that it doesn't have what I like to call a high-peak-moment - something that makes even a bad book worth your time reading. The ending is kind of abrupt, too. Knowing Noah and the whole no-girlfriend thing, I don't know what I should envision happens after they come home. So yeah, pretty unsatisfied. I do recommend reading it, though.note: The reason I haven't talked about the religious aspect of this book is because I decided to ignore it completely. The author tries to force her opinions on you, and I must say I'm not a huge fan of this.