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New Life

New Life - Bonnie Dee This book is really something different. A friend told me the hero of this story will stay with me, and she was right!I felt so much for Jason! He is such an unconventional hero. The way he dealt with the life he had to live was really admirable. There's a lot of self-hate, because really, he has no one to blame for except for himself. He couldn't shift the blame, he couldn't lash out at people. It was heartbreaking, but at the same time he is so strong. And he never embellishes what happened to him - he owns up to his own stupidity and I really respected him for it.This could have been just another in line of romance books - but Anna's character is what made it real. She's a smart woman, and she constantly questions whether or not being with Jason is a good idea - if she will be able to handle his disabilities, if they have a place in each other's lives, if they can deal with their very different lifestyles. I think it was very realistic, I know I would stop and think if I was in the same situation. It's what people do. And she has appropriate reactions to everything that happens in this book. And makes decisions that are right for her, rather than for Jason.Their relationship is strained in the beginning, neither of them knows what to do with the other - but there's awesome chemistry as well. I liked the romance so much, because it was so unique. You have this educated, ambitious woman, you know they strive to date in their social circles rather than a lowly brain damaged janitor, but the pull is just too strong between them. And the change both of them bring to each other's lives was just overwhelming.I did feel it was a bit of insta-love, though, so there.And, he doesn't cheat on her because they weren't technically together, but he fools around with another girl. It was stupid, but with his insecurities and everything - I think he was deliberately sabotaging himself. I just couldn't hold it against him for some reason. Thankfully, the author didn't make me actually read that.So the writing? Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Reading Jason's POV, you really get that he has brain damage. His thought process, some of the things he does, the way he goes about his daily routine. I really applaud the author for this.I liked the supporting characters - grumpy Rob who turns out not to be so bad, Anna's parents who only make a short appearance but they're not horrible, they're just worried about their daughter, Jason's little sister who I absolutely loved. Just great. It's not that any of them were really important, but they all bring something good to the story.So, this is my first time reading a Bonnie Dee book, and I sort of expected things to get really steamy. There are a couple of graphic sex scenes in this book, but they're nothing you won't read in other contemporary romance.Overall, an unconventional love story with an unforgettable hero who gets a second chance at life and uses it, and a smart heroine that has her priorities set straight. Do I even have to recommend it after I said that? It was different. I really liked it.