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The Man Plan

The Man Plan - Elise K. Ackers This is a laugh out loud, heartwarming, sweet story about a heroine desperate for love and a hero that thinks he's incapable of loving someone.Having read and absolutely loved [b:Unforgettable|17206880|Unforgettable|Elise K. Ackers|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1357260254s/17206880.jpg|17047852], I already decided that I will read anything this author writes, but this book just promoted her to one of my favorite authors. The two stories couldn't be more different, while Unforgettable is a bit on the serious side, this one is somewhat lighter but just as good.Cora is lonely after losing her father, all her friends are paired up and living the couple's life, and she doesn't have anyone to share her life with. So she comes up with this ludicrous plan to speed things up when it comes to her HEA and meet the man of her dreams and fall in love by Christmas. I liked Cora. Yeah, she came off as seriously desperate but being lonely is not fun, so I understood her need to just have someone. It wasn't that she needed a man to define her, she just wanted someone to share her life with. She is incredibly sweet, has a great sense of humor, she cares about people, and she has an unbreakable spirit.Matt couldn't be more different, which is why Cora rules him out as a candidate in their very first scene together. He's jaded, and while I thought he actually did believe in love and happy endings, he just didn't think he's capable of loving someone like that.The pair of them...amazing chemistry. I loved the way they became so comfortable with each other, they're more alike than they seem at first. They tease each other relentlessly and they're both good sports about it. He's so amused with her plan, he can't help but make it his business, too. The whole lake scene was so beautiful.Elise K. Ackers has a way with dialogue, it's completely natural and it's witty. The book has some seriously funny moments that make you laugh out loud. There aren't many characters to follow, but I even connected with the brief ones. The ending had me all awww-ing because it was just so in character with Cora.Again, a very clean read! This author does it so well, too.I really liked this. It made me laugh, I connected with the characters, and it has the perfect pace, I was never bored reading it. It's also fairly short, so it can be read in one sitting.**Free copy of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley.