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Kiss a Falling Star

Kiss a Falling Star - Barbara Elsborg Likable, smart heroine and perma-horny, delicious hero alert!This book really has a lot of things going for it - awesome romance (though it's insta-love), some really steamy scenes, a lot of funny moments and a bit of suspense.Both of these main characters are extremely likable.Caspar (love this name!) has a bit of a past, and he's really just living in the most annoying self-pitying existence. But through it all you can see it's because he feels guilty for ~something (I won't spoil it because you don't find out right away), so I kind of understood him, too.Ally is so awesome. She's quirky, funny, smart and nothing ever brings her down! Even with her past she always has this bright outlook on life, even when someone is trying to kill her, she's getting involved with a womanizer and has no job/money, etc... I really really liked her.Like I said, there's a bit of insta-love in this. They meet, tomorrow they have dinner, the day after they're falling for each other. But there's awesome chemistry between them and guess what? No. Misunderstandings. Whatsoever. Actually, it might seem like there are - but both of them are ~normal people who don't just jump to conclusions but think before they act, and they talk.Loved the way it was written - and now I see why people like Barbara Elsborg's books so much! She's really awesome. You don't find out who the "culprit" is until the very end (although I guessed straight away), but she does keep you guessing until the end. Some of the twists I didn't expect.I have to say in the end I was a bit disappointed at who it was and why they did it, but it made sense.The book is on the long-ish side, but I read it pretty fast. Once you start reading it, it's very hard to put down.Like I said, very graphic sex scenes. I liked them, they were different than what I usually read.Overall, I definitely recommend this book. Realistic characters, a bit of mystery and a lot of steam.