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The Shadowed Sun

The Shadowed Sun - N.K. Jemisin Ten years after the first book in this series, you get to see some of the old characters, as well as some new ones.After the events in the first book, Gujaareh and Hananja suffer under the oppressive rule of Kisuati, and there is a new plague in the city - nightmares that are taking the rich and the poor, the noble and the servants, children, men and women - without discrimination.N.K. Jemisin also introduces the Banbarra - a matriarchal, barbaric, nomadic tribe where Wanahomen took refuge with his mother (even if they were slaves initially). I really liked the Banbarra, they have their own ways and traditions and the author takes her time to let you see them.You get to see Sunandi again, and Nijiri, now a respected Gatherer that has reined in his rebellious nature (for the most part), and I was so glad that he has made Ehiru proud with the man he has grown into. I was also glad to see they became good friends after the first book.The two main characters of this book are practically outcasts - Hanani, the Sharer (healers), the first woman to be accepted in what is essentially a "brotherhood", and Wanahomen, the exiled prince. (Sidenote: I just love the names N.K. Jemisin comes up with!)I was wary of this pairing because, if handled wrong, it could have turned out really cliche. But no, I ended up loving their story, it's different.I loved Wanahomen! Gosh, I was crushing on him so bad. He has this honorable sense about him, the confidence because he knows and believes being the prince is his birthright, and even within the tribe he was living in, he never loses that - but he was humble at the same time. Incredibly smart. He is essentially a good man, but he has so many flaws - once again, it's all shades of gray with Jemisin - everyone is right, everyone is wrong, but Wana was just... he was dreamy and that added a lot to me picking his side and rooting for his cause (as shallow as that makes me, I love my alpha male heroes).I also loved Hanani - when I say a strong female character, she comes to mind. She was happy with the path she was on, but in the end, she makes a choice on where that path will lead her. I liked that.“Demons and shadows, you truly are the strangest woman I’ve ever met! It makes no sense at all that I want you.”Unlike the first book which I felt lacked in the romance department, this one did have romance in it, and I really, really liked it because it was different, and I think some of the things about it, like the ending, step out of the norm. I need to write about it as a romance reader again - there's no insta-love, as a matter of fact these two are on two different sides, Hanani is his hostage, and she's practically celibate because she's a priestess, and he is so out of her league (because he's a prince, you know). It's not just a setup for romance, they really are on two opposing sides in a very serious situation and it's bigger than a prince falling in love with a priestess. They get to know and respect each other, and their relationship has nothing to do with physical attraction. I loved them.Again, I loved the writing. It's very detailed and flowing nicely, and I liked the pace in The Shadowed Sun much more than in The Killing Moon. It was perfect and the book was un-put-downable :D.The author deals with domestic, sexual abuse in this book, as well, and honestly, I felt the horror of Tiaanet's day-to-day basis. Also, be warned, you may not like the person who... takes part in this abuse, as mislead as he was. I was really disappointed.Unlike the first book, there are sex scenes in this one, but they are...not graphic in the way you're used to. You know what's happening, but the author doesn't spell it out in detailed descriptions. I felt it worked with the book. And just be warned, there are scenes of abuse.So yeah, I'd say this second book was just as good, if not better, than the first one. And I definitely recommend this series, I wish more people would read it.