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Miss Me Not

Miss Me Not - Tiffany King 08.02.'13. Free today in the Kindle store!Despite not really loving the one book by Tiffany King I read, this sounded interesting and I really wanted to give her another chance and read it.If you've ever thought about suicide (and seriously, who hasn't?), you should read this. I won't say that there weren't things I disliked about it, but Tiffany King does deal with this sensitive subject with respect and it's not just empty words.Honestly, I didn't like Madison so much, but this is mainly because I spent the book worrying about James because she just left him behind. We all know how that turned out. She just left him, knowing what she knows about him, ugh. I was so angry. But you can see the change in her from this non-existence to learning to want to live.Other than this, I did love the story. When you find something worth living for, no matter how small - just something to appreciate life for, like a beautiful tree in the park - it's easy to make that choice to live, and that's the message Tiffany King sends.Dean was great and I was so glad he never gave up on her. His whole family was beyond awesome.As for Madison's mom - ugh. I have nothing else to say.The ending was a bit rushed, but it will leave you satisfied.I'm glad I gave this author another chance.