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When I Fall In Love

When I Fall In Love - Miranda Dickinson I'm a huge fan of Miranda Dickinson - I have loved two out of three of her books so far, and I've been eagerly waiting for this - it was so well worth the wait.Once again, Miranda Dickinson sets a wonderful Brighton scene (seriously, I would live there, that's how beautiful she makes it sound), amazing, colorful characters and tells a heartfelt, wonderful story with a healthy dose of humor - all of it written in a very skillful way, the prose was just wonderful, the chemistry between the characters palpable.Elsie is probably my favorite of her heroines so far. She is such a strong, independent female character. Despite everything she's been through at such young age, she keeps moving on and you can't help but feel for her. Her relationship with her family, her friendship with Olly and the choir members were a joy to read.I have to say I was an instant Torin fan. He only makes short appearances in the book, but his presence is constant.There is this thing with Miranda Dickinson's books that I instinctively lean towards the right hero while reading the story. It's been like this with all the other of her books that I've read.And Olly. Swoon. He is just such a sweet, likable man. You could tell that he truly cared for Elsie. And I'm glad we get to see him get the beginning of his happy ending, too. He definitely deserves it.The dynamics of the choir were so awesome to read. All members are well developed characters that you want to know more about and each and every one of them brought something important to the story.You can tell the author knows and loves music and it's such an important element of the book (it was the same with [b:It Started With A Kiss...|10060196|It Started With A Kiss...|Miranda Dickinson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1314997072s/10060196.jpg|14956408]).It's hard to talk about this story without giving anything away. It might remind you of a certain other popular book, but I say it's much better. You can probably guess what Elsie's secret is from the beginning, but I won't tell you. What I can say is that her dealing with it seemed very realistic to me, Miranda Dickinson does it in such a respectful way. Her moments of "relapse" were also realistic, because things like these are hard to move on from even when your mind is set to do it.The Eiffel Tower scene broke my heart, I was silently weeping during the whole thing. The story really is that heartbreaking.I loved the ending, it was so fitting. I was glad that Elsie doesn't have some huge epiphany, but instead just goes for it because it feels right. I think he deserved that, but that's just me fangirling.So, while [b:It Started With A Kiss...|10060196|It Started With A Kiss...|Miranda Dickinson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1314997072s/10060196.jpg|14956408] is still my favorite of Miranda Dickinson's books, this is a very close second. It's funny, because the two books couldn't be more different in every aspect, but it just goes to show how awesome this author is. I wouldn't even put this in a Chick-Lit category, it's not as light as I like my chick-lits to be. I definitely recommend it!