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Liamanda ftw!

HDU #2: Dirt - India Lee

So, I'll admit, I thought this was one of those books that will never happen.
And I didn't even realize how much I was looking forward to it until I saw the release date three days ago and then spent the next two in anticipation of buying it.

And India Lee does it again. Everything I loved in the first book is back in full force in this one (yes, including the womanizing douchelord aka Liam Brody who is not so womanizing nor is he a douchelord.)

Liam is actually whipped. W H I P P E D. Sure, he has his philandering past and he's pretty unapologetic about it, but gosh I loved him HARD! He was so perfect, so uncomplicated, so IDK, just - well, a hero that didn't actually worry me which is surprising. He just wants to be with Amanda, no matter what. And when everything happened, he still just wanted to be with her.

Amanda is still the lovable, sweet girl from the first book, though it was fun seeing her in this new role.

And of course, shit hits the fan straight away, because there's Casey and this is the Hollywood (but really New York) scene where every one of their moves are being watched, so why the hell not?

I kinda liked how the story was the other way around this book. Liam and Amanda were so damn cute together it was sugary and honey sweet. 
AND OMFG. Womanizing Douchelord, Cocky Ass Vibe... I LOVED THESE TWO. SO. MUCH.
Liam stole every scene he was in - one complaint I had about the first book was that he wasn't nearly enough in it. You get to know him pretty well here as well as why he turned out the way he did and I felt for him.
The writing is still engaging and witty, loved all the snippets from the gossip mags and portals (though I think my favorite were all the comments which really rang genuine).

Connor, that JERK. I really hoped he'd come around but UGH.

Also why do I have a feeling he'll be getting a book?

Oh, Ian! I loved this new Ian. He's different, but lol, the same Ian.

Okay, I guess I can't say anymore without spoiling everything.

There are a couple of mildly graphic sex scenes, for those who care. Honestly, I didn't think they were over the top, just right. Definitely didn't make the book about sex.

Anyways, Dirt totally made my day (night, cause I stayed up reading it, lol).
If you haven't read this series, but are looking for something light and entertaining they're definitely that as well as very well written so I more than recommend them.

Sigh, Liamanda. Loved it.