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Take Care, Sara - Lindy Zart eep, free on Smashwords! Go price match it on Amazon!https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/321509This book depressed me. Shame on me for not checking reviews before I read it because I should know better by now, and I went into it unprepared. I knew it wasn't a light read but that it would make me cry throughout... I didn't expect that.“There’s a reason for everything.”Sara lost so much! So, so much. It broke my heart, I could feel every emotion she was going through, and felt all the despair she felt. You feel like you're in this hole just sinking deeper and deeper and there's just no way out.“Sometimes you can’t see it and it doesn’t make sense, but eventually, in time, it does. Even when it hurts. Even when it’s bad. Something good happens because of it.”Light comes in the form of Lincoln, her late husband's brother who's always there for her. I felt so much for Lincoln, you can tell he's hurting just as much but trying to be so strong for Sara because he's literally her only anchor keeping her on the ground. I loved Lincoln so much! I loved that he never gave up on her. He never let his conflicting emotions get in the way of being there for her throughout and being whatever she needed him to be.I was really rooting for them.I don't know how to talk about this book without spoiling anything. I mean you can tell from the synopsis what the book is about but I still felt uncertain about... things. I was dreading the ending because it just didn't seem likely things would turn out the way I wanted them to turn out when Sara was holding on so tight and Lincoln being who he was.I loved Mason and Spencer and really wish there were more of them both throughout the book. Still, the two of them, and even Gracie, Dana, the very minor characters made a great impact on the story. You have to admire that.Lindy Zart's writing is fantastic! The story is told from 3rd person POV (thankfully) and the pace of the story is just perfect.What bothered me was a bit of repetition. Sara this, Sara that, Sara... It stood out and I noticed it, so it must have been a little too much.Another thing - At times Sara just seemed... not very perceptive. Lincoln's feelings were blaringly obvious, and with every time he showed her he cared about her more, she would wonder "What did he mean?" It really was that obvious. He wasn't even being enigmatic, I think everything he said was straight out telling her what he wanted to say without actually saying it. And while I understood that she was hurting and stuck in some sort of limbo, I just can't believe she wouldn't realize "what he meant".Other than that, it was a perfect five star read for me, and made me a Lindy Zart fan for life.There's a sex scene but it's not graphic at all. You just sort of know what's going on. I thought it was beautiful.Overall, would I recommend Take Care, Sara? Yup, just make sure you have a box of tissues (or a few) if you're easily moved by books.