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Trouble - Nadene Seiters OMIGOSH I am so into these characters!!! I honestly didn't expect to like this freebie as much as I did, and now I'm sitting here, scratching my head in confusion, wondering WHY? Why is life so unfair? Why do crappy books go big, but when someone writes something decent, it has to be offered up for free so people would notice it?Gasp! Caleb is a hero that is equal parts nice, sweet, alpha, SMART. Must say there was that awkward moment when the hero does the smart thing when sh*t hits the fan and doesn't try to act all macho about it. Yup. Not a single eye-rolling moment was had reading this book.I liked how I got to know Daisy so well without stepping once into her head. Fangirling over her so much.And I liked their relationship. I thought it was insta-love but I guess, under the circumstances, it worked eh.The writing is good, at least I thought it was good. It's not flowery, but it's not simple either, it's just right. I really liked that it was told from all male POV. Sigh. More all-male POV books, please. It felt genuine to me. I really got to know Caleb, and I cared for him. I could almost feel his pain as he felt it.I was skeptical! I admit it. I didn't think this would be good. It has a crappy cover and it's fairly short and it's free and it has no reviews and I've never even heard if it. But the synopsis sounded so interesting I just had to give it a chance. SO GLAD.Oh, I have to mention Ronnie. I liked how connected he was to the story even though he was dead, you could always feel his presence there.I did have some issues with it. Parts of it felt very repetitive, and it could have used more editing. I wish the author explored the Delilah thing further, as it is it just seemed like it was thrown in there for whatever reason. The parents issue felt way too easily resolved.For those who like to know these things, there are a couple of really mild sex scenes. I'm talking when the actual thing happens, it's fade to black.Yeah, overall if you can squeeze this in I say definitely do it. It's actually fairly short, but even if it wasn't free and I bought it and read it I wouldn't have thought it was a waste of money. I'll be keeping an eye out for this author :).