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Mannequin Entre (Mannequin, #2) - Olivia Best Okay, I may have had some issues with the first installment of this series, but this one was way, way better. Everything I complained about is pretty much covered and improved in this one.You know who I love? I love me some Tyler. I am team Tyler all the freaking way, which I know will be the cause of a major heartbreak after I read the next one because Elodie is just too much of a coward to take a chance on him. For shame. Poor boy.I was hoping for him after I read the first book, but he just didn't seem like much of a hero in that. Still. Here, you get to know him pretty well and I really loved him.I understood Elodie a lot better as well. Her modeling career takes a major turn and I was really happy for her. What bothered me was the whole indecisive thing she has going on between Tyler and James. I get that she felt torn because the two of them are so different but you know...make up your mind and do what's right.I don't think she even realizes the thing with Tyler is much stronger than what she has with James. But James is safe, and she doesn't want to get hurt. So at the same time I can see where she's coming from.James... is boring as hell. I don't like him at all. I don't think at this point anything can be done to make me like him and the idea of him being endgame.The writing is awesome and I really really loved it. This is something I liked in the first book as well - Elodie is French and you can tell by the way she thinks or talks, the story is told in such a way that you can tell English is not her first language. It really felt genuine.However, there was some POV cheating. The book is told from Elodie's POV but at one point she's passed out drunk and we still get to see what happens even though she doesn't witness any of it. Sometimes the author will let you see a glimpse from others' feelings and thoughts even though there is no way Elodie would know what they think or feel.Other than this, I loved it.There's a graphic sex scene as well as some swearing.There's also a sort-of cliffhanger in the end. It's more like just a cut-off scene which bothered me... However, I must admit, while I wasn't dying to read this second book after the first one ended the way it did (also sort-of cliffhanger), I'm dying to know what happens in the third (and also dreading it).I wonder if when it's finished, the author will turn it into a full book. I just think it would flow much better if it could all be read in one sitting. But yes, do I recommend Mannequin? Definitely at this point, but wait until the whole series is out. It's not your typical cliffhanger rage, it's more of a cliffhanger frustration I feel.*** Free copy of this book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.