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Block 24 - Evan Tyler If there's one word I would use to describe Evan Tyler's writing, it's brutal. If you've read A Happy Accident, you'll know why. Things that happen in her stories are realistic and she doesn't conform to your typical HEA. A Happy Accident broke my heart, but so did Block 24, although in a different way.It's not a light read at all - for those who don't get it from the blurb it's partly a story about the Holocaust and Auschwitz - a young prisoner and a Nazi soldier fall in love, and partly a contemporary novel about a not-so-good girl, Natalie, after she gets dumped by her boyfriend, Philip.Actually, that's not the story at all, but it gives you a very loose outline.Everything Natalie does in this book tells you that you should probably hate her guts, but I actually really really liked her character - the evil, conniving, bitchy, scheming person that she is. At times I really felt for her, at other times I wanted to scream at her, but mostly I just loved her.Underneath her hard, mean exterior, there's a sea of insecurities and self-loathing that broke my heart.Adina and Hans's story was also very hard to read - this is not your sweet love story because the circumstances are such that there was just no way for it to be one. Despite that, it really touched me and I was rooting for the two of them so much.There's a whole mystery of why Philip and Natalie's relationship ended, a backstory about Guy and Natalie as well as Natalie's day-to-day scheming against one of her co-workers.The writing is gorgeous, but I'm a fan of Evan Tyler's. It's descriptive, but not overly flowery. All the characters are different, they all bring something to the story and you get to know them all very well.There are a couple of POVs. The story is told in 3rd person POV (yay!).There is also a mildly-graphic sex scene, as well as some not-really-pleasant non-con scenes. They're somehow clinical so you feel pretty detached reading them.Anyways, it's a beautiful story that I think everyone should read. I've been waiting for it for so long, and it didn't disappoint me. Definitely recommended.