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Mannequin (Mannequin, #1) - Olivia Best I keep switching between three and four stars because despite a couple of things that bothered me about it, I actually quite liked Mannequin. It was a 3.5 read for me, though.It's a very short story (I read it in just over an hour) about a young girl, Elodie Marais and the not-so-glamorous lifestyle she leads as a high fashion model in NYC.I loved the way this book started out. When I signed up for an ARC of this it said it was a "new adult erotica", but I was hoping it wouldn't be just smut.Elodie is not an unlikable heroine, though I felt like I didn't get to know her much. She seems to have hopes and dreams beyond being a "mannequin" but other than fleeting thoughts about it, I didn't see it in the way she acts. She makes a bad choice, or two, though I actually approved of one of them.My main problem with the book was that it didn't have much of a story. I like my erotica with substance, so there you have it.Another thing was that halfway through the book, I didn't know if there even was a hero in the usual sense. I found myself wondering if I should root for any of them?I was hoping for Tyler, but as it was he wasn't much of a hero. I'm still holding out hope, though, for the second book.I felt that James had a lot of potential, but the author barely scratched the surface of his character, and in all honesty, what I did see of him - he acted too good to be true.And lets not forget Felix, who I thought might make a reappearance and childhood sweethearts will get their HEA.Overall, the story didn't have much depth at all, and I thought that it could have. I haven't read a model story before so I was really hoping this would be something more than it was.What I really really liked? The writing. It's not perfect but it was very very good, and the author has a descriptive style that brings everything to life in full technicolor. I liked this so much. It's told in third person POV, so thank you, Olivia Best, for that! I love 3rd person POV books.Yep, there are a couple of sex scenes and you will get to read about an "engorged member" or two. Actually, the chemistry between Elodie and Tyler was through the roof! I loved it.Overall, I would recommend this little novella, if it weren't for the price of $3.99. I just don't think a novella, good or bad, should be charged for that much!It does end on a cliffhanger, sort of. Nothing huge and nerve wrecking but if you're not a fan of these, I'd pass until the second part is out. I will definitely be reading it.*** ARC of this book received from the author in exchange for an honest review.