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Disastrous (Disastrous, #1) - E.L. Montes This was a cookie-cutter book up until the last quarter. It's very formulaic - in lieu of Twilight and 50SoG and similar romance novels. You even get a first chapter from Marcus's POV in the end.Boy meets girl. Girl thinks she's nothing special. He has never loved before, but falls madly in love with her, and after three days together they are both in too deep and their love is eternal. There's a best friend that the hero is jealous of, and the heroine is jealous of all the women flocking over hero. Et cetera, et cetera.Don't get me wrong - I did like it. I liked Mia even though she turns from this strong female character into a sad pathetic girl and generally contradicts everything she tells us about herself.My main problem with her was - I know she's in love (as unreasonable as it may be) but I still thought she should have ran away after she learned the kind of business he was in. Then I thought it again, after she learns she is pregnant. Especially when she learns she is pregnant. I honestly don't have a maternal bone in me, but I thought she should have left him for the sake of that child involved. And because she didn't, I thought she was extremely selfish and immature - and there goes that strong female character right out the window. That is no life for a child, not if she could do something about it, and she chose not to.Marcus is the weakest, saddest hero I have read in quite a while. For the duration of ~320 pages he is constantly whining, crying, self-pitying, apologizing, wallowing, and just generally being pathetic. Wasn't he supposed to be a capable, strong man? Certainly, with his way of life I expected a lot more backbone from him, a little more control of his feelings - and temper! Again, don't get me wrong, I understood his "situation". I ended up warming up to him but in the end I still wasn't fully convinced. While I don't mind a little bit of man-crying, after a while whenever he would cry or do the whole self-pitying thing I was rolling my eyes.There is a plot twist you wouldn't expect. I didn't see it coming and I thought it was great and it actually made sense.Writing wise, I'd say it was okay. Of course, it could have used some more editing, but I didn't mind so much. What I did mind was the way author just sort of told us what happened - like a recap every once in a while, instead of showing us. There was a part where Mia says that they got to know each other better (something about talking about movies, foods, hobbies, making fun of each other, sneaking a pizza into her room, etc) and I felt cheated because we didn't get to see it, she just told us about it.Another thing I really disliked was the "mmmmh" - it's used 11 times in both dialogue and narrative, and from all three characters' POV.I just wish the majority of the book was as the last quarter, after the breakup, when things kind of start happening and it gets interesting. I will read the sequel, because I want to know what happens next, though.