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Secret for a Song - S.K. Falls Here's a little disclaimer: for those who have dealt with or know someone with a terminal illness... you might want to pass this. I wish I didn't have to write this because I really, really loved this book to bits. Some of the things are just way too offensive to someone sensitive to these things. It's a character trait, Saylor is mentally ill, but it still might evoke some negative feelings.That being said - oh my god, this book killed me.I am not even kidding, I'm sitting here, writing this review through my tears cause I'm afraid this feeling will slip away if I leave it for later and the review won't be as accurate to my feelings as it would if I write it out straight away.I was really considering passing up on this book and I thought hard before I clicked that Request button on NetGalley. From the blurb you can't really tell if it will ultimately be a happy or a sad read. There was this sense of dread-of-a-romance-reader I felt throughout - how could this book have a HEA and still be realistic? There was just no way.I won't spoil it for you, though. Read it.First of all, I'm blown away by the writing. The book is really well written and I swear, Saylor felt so, so real to me. You have this feeling that you should really, honestly despise her for what she's doing, the way she talks about the others in TIDD group but my god, I felt for her and understood her so much.S.K. Falls - I bow to you. I do, honestly. Because you did this. You made me love her and understand her and just hope for her so much, and for everything to turn out for the best.Fans of Me Before You, you might wanna read this book! Because it has that same feeling of questioning everything you know, hoping for an illogical ending, your common sense warring with wishful thinking.By far, maybe the best character development I've ever read. The change in Saylor is so subtle you don't even notice it as it happens but at the end of the book, she's a different person.The secondary characters were fantastic! Her mum, so distant and cold and her dad, putting up an act so transparent I wanted to climb into my Kindle and strangle him. Dr Stone. Drew. I loved Drew so much. And Zee.The book is a clean read, there are no graphic sex scenes though sex is implied.I can't believe I almost didn't read this book. I can't recommend it enough. It's powerful and so honest. The characters are so real and I grew attached to them. I wish it didn't end so abruptly. I wish I knew what happened after. But I guess that's the beauty of it.And even though I will probably hate myself for putting myself through it because who wants to read sad books when life is sad as it is? But it's definitely going to my top reads this year. Definitely.*** Free copy of this book provided by the author through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.