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Chase (Resisting Love, #1) - Chantal Fernando,  Dawn Martens You know, I thought this would be a perfect 3.5 star read but then the whole second half of the book happened and I am gladly rounding it up to 4 stars.I'm just not the type of reader who falls for a manwhore character, and this book had plenty of them. The whole sharing the girls thing was just... you know, gross.However - Kade and James. OMG. JAMES, I need to know more about you!I love the way the authors sort of set up all these secondary characters - they made you love them, throwing bits and pieces of their stories in but not making it about them. I really really loved James and I barely know anything about him! Actually, maybe that's why...I thought Layla and Chase had good chemistry. It's a bit of an insta-love, but not really because of the way they set it up.They compliment each other really well, and I thought that it was believable he would change for her - by the end of the book the poor guy was just plain whipped.Truth be told, I kind of spent the book hating on him. I love my alpha male hero but he was just... alpha male to the max. I did learn to love him by the end because I understood him better.The book has quite a few LOL moments and I already mentioned I liked the secondary characters. The heroine is strong willed and snarky, though a virginal one. I found myself interested in Nikki and Sasha's stories as well, and even the wicked witch that is Aubrey. Seriously, she's a psycho.There are a couple of mildly graphic sex scenes in the book, and a lot of cursing.A couple of things that bothered me were just a brief switch of POV now and again, many, many typos that sort of distracted me from the story. The beginning felt a little rushed.Overall, I have to say I did enjoy Chase a lot more than I thought I would. And since this is a debut novel I'm expecting a lot more from Kade.