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Over the Edge - Suzanne  Carroll I loved you, book! I loved you!This was such a sweet and wonderful and great story that made me all awwww and grin stupidly and stuff.You'd think it would be your typical millionaire CEO story, but it's so much more than that.I loved Zoe! Loved her! She was such a great female character and I loved that she stood up for herself and went for what she really wanted.Angus. First, I'd never thought I'd find that name sexy and swoon-worthy. But I do. That should tell you enough. He was a good hero, just, normal. I felt so sad for him at times, he's been through so much and ugh...I kept thinking if it would ever end.These two had awesome chemistry and they were so great together. You can almost feel the way they slowly get closer and open up to each other and I was rooting for them so bad.The writing was very chick-litty (I think it might be why I liked the book so much, actually). It's light and fluffy and positive even when it's on the heavier side.Absolutely loved the side characters, the wicked witch of a mother-in-law, the best friend who I'd love to read about more, and then Zoe's mum was so, so great!The romance is definitely not the main focus of the book, and I'd even go as far to say that there's actually not much of it, either. I liked that a lot for some reason.The book has no graphic sex scenes of any kind. It barely has a few kisses.I'm trying not to mention the fact that it's Aussie lit but you all know I can't resist that. These books prove over and over why they're my favorite.Overall, if you're a fan of chick lit or fluffy romance books, I'd definitely recommend this one.*** Free copy of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.