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Coffee and Cockpits - Jade Hart Oh, you sneaky, sneaky book, you.I really like Jade Hart's writing (and her heroes. I miss double-oh-super-cool Callan Bliss :( Not much longer...)This was a funny and cute read with an awesome twist that you only figure out shortly before it happens. Obviously, I'm not going to tell you what it is, but it definitely made sense, especially in the light of everything that happens I found myself thinking "oh, I should have seen it sooner" because there were all these little clues.And I liked this book despite struggling with the heroine throughout the story because she knew all along what she wanted, she just made a big deal out of it. Other times, though, I really loved her. She was a strong heroine who had ambitions and dreams and was actually doing something to achieve them.But Liam. Liiiiaaaam. Like I said, I really do like her heroes. They can get pathetically sappy at times, but it somehow works and I was swooning over him. I loved Liam instantly. I was team Liam 6% into the story. Must say that I didn't even mind his slightly stalker-ish behaviour. It wasn't really stalking, was it?It wasn’t just a mortal love, it was a galaxy of love that would last an eternity.So, was it insta-love? Yes and no. And that's all I'm saying.I did think these two had great chemistry and really fit together.As with Ocean Kills, I thought the hero's POV came too suddenly, and late into the story. I like to be introduced to my POV characters ASAP, otherwise it just feels like an afterthought.Wow, I think that may be the only complaint I have. Imagine that. I mean, Jade Hart's writing is really good. It's not chick-littish but you're still reading a funny, cute book. Oh and she does those tense scenes so well. The scene when the airplane malfunctioned and started falling was really really good. I almost felt like I was there with them.The supporting characters are good and now that I know what Nikolai's point was, I must say that was well executed! I loved Jos, and I'm looking forward to her own book!There are a couple of graphic sex scenes in this, for those who like to know these things. I thought they were great and fit the story.This book actually took me out of my book slump! So yay for that. I definitely recommend it. I nabbed it for free in the Kindle store, but it's really worth buying it.