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The Collector - Victoria Scott Put down everything you're reading and start this! You can't hear my voice, so you can't tell it's an order, but it is.Because this book is so refreshingly awesome and brilliant, and different and just perfect.First, it's written in all male POV :). I like my all male POV. It is so rare in YA and NA fiction and often it doesn't even ring true.Well, Dante's voice does.Not only that, this hero is extremely likable, though you might hate yourself for liking him in the beginning. He is so in-your-face cocky, arrogant, (perfectly) snarky and kind of a jerk. And you still love him.Which makes this story all the better because you can pinpoint the exact moments of his changes to the wonderful person he is by the end.Which he was all along, he just needed to let go.I actually don't want to talk about Dante too much, all I want you to know is that it's been a while since I liked a hero so much. Read this book.Charlie. I do love my Charlie characters, but she was hard to love in the beginning. So gullible and naive, and it was like she just can't get a clue. But as her character is slowly revealed, you learn to love her for the amazing person she is. She's kind and trusting and always ready to think the best of everyone, including Dante. Read this book.There was awesome chemistry between these two and while it was insta-love, it didn't bother me much - what with the deadline and all. I guess she could have stretched the story over a longer period of time, it would have been more believable, but it's okay, I guess.Maybe you can tell, I loved the way this was written. All the characters, main and secondary are well developed and they all bring something to the story. The pacing is perfect and you're never bored while reading it. It's laced with wonderful humor but it doesn't take away from the depth of the story. Read this book.I won't repeat the blurb but it doesn't do the book justice. The story keeps you engaged, there are a couple of twists I didn't see coming - and no big misunderstandings (thank you, Victoria Scott!).For people who don't read angel/demon stories (and I mean you, you know who you are), I'd suggest you read this. It's different than your usual PNR and the characters are so awesome. Read this book.This is a clean read, just a couple of kisses, for those who like to know these things. I thought it suited the story.Overall, can't freaking wait to read the next book! Do I recommend this? I most definitely do recommend this book. It's awesomesauce. I find myself not enjoying YA nowadays as I used to when I was...YA. But this? This book I adored.Just read this book.**Free copy of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley.