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A Happy Accident - Evan Tyler 23.02.'13. - Okay, TODAY, it's free in the Kindle store!Here's what I wanted to do. I wanted to give this book one star and write how horrible it is. Because this book took away the last I had of my ugly-cry dignity left.But that would be unfair, because it's a beautiful story, superb writing, and it has wonderful characters that you care about.“Love is like two dreamers dreaming the exact same dream.”Bobby Carter is basically a dreamer. He has stars in his eyes and warmth in his heart and you can just see that what Kyle and Larry said about him - that he gets high on love - it's true in so many ways. I loved his idealistic views on love and life, the kind of childish belief you lose way before his age. You can see the change in him, being pulled into Kindle's life and facing reality that for some people, it's not all sunshine and flowers. But Bobby isn't so much a sheltered and deluded child as Kindle thought him to be or you are lead to believe. I'll let you discover that one all on your own.She could have laughed. He must have thought he was a Seventies Shakespeare.Kindle - gotta love that name. I was getting a kick out of reading about Kindle on my kindle. But I digress. Kindle was forced to grow up way before she met Bobby. Way before her mother died. I didn't like her mother, while she was mostly realistic about life, her tough love made her a love/hate character. You can see the influence her upbringing had on Kindle, the way she second-guesses everything, trying to live up to her mother's standards even with her gone for so long. I loved her snarky attitude and the way she didn't just fall into a whirlwind romance with Bobby. And I loved that she had enough character to recognize that she wanted him, after all.“It might even be love at first sight. Do you believe in love at first sight?”Yeah, they get married straight away. No, it's not insta-love, don't confuse Bobby's childish infatuation with that. I really liked the way they came together, the way Bobby was always a good husband, a good friend, a good person for Kindle. The way she slowly gave him her trust and let him become this essential part of her life. The way they gradually discovered each other which is such a nice contrast to his rash proposal and her „jokingly“ marrying him. They were in turns sweet, cute, stupid, infuriating, crazy.Children.I already said that I thought the writing was superb. There are all these little sub-stories that you wonder about even when you're back in Kindle and Bobby's time, and I really liked that they didn't distract from the story, but added to the mystery of who these two people really are. And then there are a couple of moments when the author sort of... informs you, completely objective, of what went on in the future of their lives, and those were the moments that hurt the most. They gave me this horrible sense of dread while reading this book. I loved Bobby. But sometimes good people make bad choices, let someone else make a choice for them or don't make a choice at all. That's life for you.Evan Tyler uses her experience to add a very realistic musical (?) feeling to it. I loved it, all the lyrics scattered throughout the book, the references to popular songs and artists.The book also deals with some racial issues, which I think were handled well.For those wondering, this is very clean, there are barely a couple of kisses. Sex is implied, but it's a clean read.The book is part of a trilogy, but it has a satisfying ending - I feel like I'm mocking my HEA-loving self saying this - , and you get the full story of Bobby and Kindle. I will be reading the next book, but reading the excerpt I have to wonder if it will also be from Bobby's POV? I was hoping for something different. Anyways, definitely recommended.*** I was provided a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.Sidenote: This isn't something I would pick up myself to read, and I want to slap myself because of the way I pick my reads sometimes. I would have missed out on this gem.I always get annoyed when I pay for a full book and get something just a tad longer than a novella. Well, you get a long book for $0.99 with this one. Personally, I think it's under-priced for what you get.I am proud to be a guest reviewer at ❤ Coffee, Books & Lipgloss Book Review Blog ❤!