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Blue Rose in Chelsea - Adriana Devoy This is FREE again, today :) in the Kindle store!I'm not exactly skeptical towards free reads, but I never expect anything amazing unless they're well known (and even then, it's a hit & miss) - too many disappointments to date. But let me say, I would have gladly paid for this book, and I think it's definitely under-priced.Haley Barrett is quite possibly my favorite heroine to date. One of the best heroines with writing aspirations to ever have been written. Why do I say this? Usually I find heroines like these annoying. They often strike me as phony, with their over-the-top Jane Austin obsessions, looking down at everyone that doesn't share their affection for literature.Not Haley. She just loves to write. The girl is a poet, every thought, everything she says has a lyrical quality about it. I really, really enjoyed being in her head.She is also not one of those clumsy heroines. Kind of a boheme, sure of herself, great sense of humor, straight-to-the-point, a hopeless flirt. But at the same time, there is something so childish and innocent about her, she believes in the magic of life and love and she was just... I loved her.Evan infuriated me and made me swoon. He is definitely not what he seems at first, but he has his reasons for all the things he did, and I understood his situation. He was just a child with so much on his shoulders.“The world starts speeding up when he’s around. An hour is only a minute. It’s like riding a beam of light, or how I imagine it might be. I don’t know. Is that love?” I wriggle into the beautiful costume, and Sinclair instructs me to stand up straighter.“No, it’s much worse, honey,” Sinclair warns. “It’s the molecules.”He fell in love with her just as much as she fell in love with him. I never doubted that, not for a second. I have to say, this book surprised me with how romantic without the romance it was. The couple... they never really get their chance. I just wished something would happen. Bad timing, various obstacles, failed communication - I can blame it on all these things, but it just wasn't their time.That's what's so good about it, the fact that these characters aren't perfect, they make mistakes, miss out on chances, move on with their lives, regret the choices they made - just like in real life.I need to talk about Dylan. This book has one of the best brother-sister relationships I have ever read. I don't have a brother, but I always wished for one, and if I had one I would have wanted our relationship to be exactly like this. These two are so close you could almost feel their affection for one another. He takes care of her as a big brother would, pretending that she is a huge thorn in his side, but being glad to be there for her all the same.Dylan was a very down to earth kind of guy and I must say that, while this book is a romance book, it's not just that - it follows Dylan just the same and I got attached to him in the same way I got attached to Haley.“Are you the boyfriend?”“No, I’m the gay sidekick.”There are also other characters, and I loved every one of them, Careen and her Mr. Palmer, The Joseph, awesome Brandon, but mainly Sinclair - the wonderful "bestest" gay sidekick ever. He was a very well thought out character and I would say vital to the story with his easy charm, awesome humor and great advice.He has some of the best lines in this book. I couldn't stop laughing when he calls Romeo & Juliet a dodgy performance of some dead playwright. Good stuff.“All the books with happy endings are formulaic, like the romance novels.  They’re not taken seriously, not that I’ve ever cared about being taken seriously.”I find this quote very ironic because this book steps out of the formulaic romance novel and delivers something completely different.The writing is beautiful. Engaging and, like I said, poetic and very descriptive - bordering on flowery, but not the distracting, boring kind. Some great funny moments, and then the sad ones, too. The last two chapters made me cry and smile. There is not a thing in this book that happens without bringing something to the story. You get to know and love all the characters very well, and I think that the choices they make, the things they do - it was all very realistic.There are all these little literature references in this that every reader will love. Even though there are many, many of them, they are so well weaved into the story you just can't help but love them.The book has one of the best endings I have ever read, because it's so different than any other romance novel. I am not talking about the ending ending, although I loved that too, but the very end, the very last scene in a book. It's not typical for a romance novel.I breezed through it, although it's on the long(ish) side.It's not without a fault, though, which is why I'm rating it a 4.5 rather than full five stars. Careen, a character you're introduced to in the beginning, sort of disappears for the majority of the book even though Haley refers to her as her best friend.There are a couple of repetitive paragraphs, like the bean factory story, but there were others too.And there were these time jumps that left me somewhat confused, but I understand why she wrote it like this.It's a clean read, a couple of kisses, nothing graphic at all. I was surprised by this, but I think it suits the story.Whew, another long review.Overall, a wonderful, wonderful story. I'm looking forward to see what this author comes up with next (I'm not one for children's books, though, so I'll wait for her next more-adult read). Definitely recommended.Oh, the cover. Yeah, me = not a fan. This book deserves a better cover.I am proud to be a guest reviewer at ❤ Coffee, Books & Lipgloss Book Review Blog ❤!