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A Pretty Pill (A Pretty Pill, #1) - Criss Copp DNFed this at 5%, which is probably a new record for me.When an overexcited heroine (seriously, so many exclamation points - on the plus side, they're not having a party, it's a single exclamation point every time) that acts totally inappropriate when she learns her parents are dead makes you not want to read the book, and throws you in a two-day book funk, just do the author a favor and DNF (because I'm not rating it.)I'm sad because it sounded like such a good story, and it's an Aussie read. I didn't even get to meet the hero.But there is a lol used as an actual word in here and that, coupled with so many !!!, just about ruined it for me....so it’s safe to say I stand a head above the rest, lol!Maybe if I hear it's been a little more edited*, I'll come back to it.* Purchase date 6th of March, 2013., so it should be the re-edited version the author says she's uploaded.