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Still with Me - Thierry Cohen,  Summer Robinson I started to read this book in French a while ago, unfortunately my French is just not good enough (even with a dictionary by my side).Honestly, yes, it was a bit hard following what was going on, but it's not rocket science. Things can get lost in translation, but I think Summer Robinson did a wonderful job.The story is pretty simple, Jeremy, turning twenty, hopelessly in love with Victoria, commits suicide on his birthday after she rejects him. Then, a couple of times over the years, he wakes up the morning of his birthdays to find that his life has moved on, he got the girl, they had a family, he lost the girl, and to his horror, he is a horrible, horrible man.I was captivated by this story, it's brilliant, actually. The villain in this book is Jeremy himself. How do you stop someone you've never met, can't meet because you can't both be there at the same time? And the remnants of his horrible doings are all around you? That's what makes it so good, Jeremy is trying to outsmart his other self.I did shed a tear or two during the final chapters. I don't know, it was so sad that he never got to live this life that he was obviously destined to live.I don't know what I thought the ending would be when I started this. I'd like to think he gets to start all over again.I sure didn't expect a religious preaching, although I saw it coming somewhere throughout the book. To each their own, I guess. I love it when authors manage to weave religion into a story without being preachy, but this is actually so preachy that I felt kind of insulted. I'm deciding whether or not just to ignore the whole religious aspect, because the rest of the story was magnificent.