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Sunny Days for Sam - Jennifer Shirk This is a fairly short read, I read it in matter of hours.One word comes to mind - it was sweet. A very sweet love story.Sunny is exactly what her name is. She has all these problems, huge debt, working a thousand jobs to pay them off, but she doesn't let anything put her down. She is a real ray of sunshine and she has this effect on everyone she's around, it's no wonder everyone loves her.And it's no wonder Sam eventually lets her break down those huge walls around his heart. I must say I liked his character more, it has depth to it. He is wary of everyone he meets because he is used to being used for his money and success. I was a bit annoyed at how he kept just making assumptions about Sunny, but his ex-wife really did a number on him, so it's understandable. He has a weird non-relationship with his mother that he let get out of control, I didn't really think she was one of those people who were using him, too.Jennifer Shirk's writing is good, it's enjoyable and engaging, the characters were great and their interactions natural. It has a fairy tale-ish quality to it. And I love the word play in the title!If you want a happy read and a sweet (and clean) romance, you should definitely check out [b:Sunny Days for Sam|13503970|Sunny Days for Sam|Jennifer Shirk|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1330457177s/13503970.jpg|19053448]. I wish it was longer but it still has substance to it, even if it's short. Definitely recommended.