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The Final Piece - Maggi Myers A fair warning - this is not a YA read. There are very explicit scenes of sexual abuse (I still shudder at the thought of one particular scene. Brutal.), and a graphic sex scene or two.I was surprised at how good this was. It's a beautiful, heartbreaking story about a young woman trying to piece her life back together and get over her tragic past.I teared up more than once reading this. Maggi Myers clearly writes for some major emotional impact, throughout the book I was crying from outrage, heartbreak, relief and happiness in turns. I just finished it and I still can't get my emotions back in check. I am so glad I picked it up (purely by mistake, I must add, but it was a good mistake!).Beth is such a wonderful character, so thought out and developed. Despite the things that happened to her she is strong and determined to not let it destroy her life. I felt everything she felt and at times it was just too much. It's been a while since I sympathized with a heroine so much.And Ryan is one of those silent heroes. The romance is so sweet, the chemistry between them was great without being over the top - realistic, and you just know they were meant to be. I loved the way that even though they were pining for each other they were realistic about their romantic prospects and both tried to move on with their lives. It's sad that such a tragic event brought them back together, but who knows if they would have ever found their way back to each other without it.And Tommy. I can't talk about him without crying. Whatever she needed - he was it. His story broke my heart, even if we are not told much you can tell he is somewhat of a loner, and this little girl holds a special place in his heart and he was just generally radiating goodness.Like I said, Maggi Myers did a great job writing this, it keeps you engaged the whole time and has the perfect pace - it's slow when it needs to be and fast when it needs to be. All the characters somehow feel real, even if their appearance is brief the author has you get to know them. She gives us glimpses into Ryan's life and I loved that because I wondered about him.I loved the ending. There was this huge teary grin on my face and everything was right with the world. It ended just the way it should have.Everyone needs to check this out, I'm a fan of Maggi Myers for life! Oh, second-chance romance fans, you will absolutely love this! It's the perfect (and original) story of getting the timing right between the two people who are meant to be.