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Black Ice (Ice, #1) - Anne Stuart These two...The book had me gripping my Kindle until the very last sentence. I couldn't write a review straight away because I just had to make up my mind about it. And I still think it will be all over the place.Going into this I expected something close to Jason Bourne books (sidenote: I loved those books. Everyone should read them).Was I ever more wrong? What it isn't is your typical romantic suspense. It really has more thrill than romantic elements, and even those are not what I would usually go for in a romance novel. But I absolutely loved it. Why did I not read this sooner? Not sure.What I mean is - you have this alpha hero that just ~takes what he wants, any way he wants. At the same time, he just doesn't care about Chloe in a way you're used to in these books, so he's not really an alpha hero (key word being hero. He is not a hero.)Bastien is so indifferent to everything going on, so detached, so cold, he has no remorse, no second thoughts, no scruples... it's no wonder he was so efficient at what he does. I seriously can't find a kind adjective to describe him. He isn't sweet, caring, wonderful, passionate. He wasn't even possessive and controlling. He is just...he just is. At one point, I completely doubted he would even try to save her, that's what I thought about him. I expected some development on this part, like that he will suddenly realize he can't live like that and turn into this wonderful person, and all he needed was a Chloe to save him, maybe that he was just misunderstood and actually a sweet, caring person.Don't hold your breath for it.There were times where I downright hated him, I wanted to throw my reader but instead I would just scream "HOW IS THAT A HERO?" or "WHYYYYYY DID YOU DO THAT? WHO DOES THAT?" (scaring the bejesus out of my sister every time), and then just a few pages later, I would be head over heels for him even though he didn't do anything nice. I doubted my sanity at these times.I also had ups and downs with Chloe. She is way too smart, but at the same time way too stupid. It was so weird, every time I expected her to be this weak, flighty girl that she seemed to be, she surprised me. And then, she does something so stupid, like walk off alone into the night even though there are tons of bad guys after her. I was thinking that she just couldn't grasp the situation she was in. And still she managed to survive. She's amazing :D.There's nothing sweet about their story. He uses her, he doubts her intentions, he constantly threatens her, she hates him for all of it, she doesn't trust him, she fights him while he's trying to "save" her. There's definite attraction between the two, awesome chemistry, too, but I was like - what is so romantic about this? There's nothing romantic in there. And then I'd swoon. And I was rooting for them so bad. SEE? This book is crazy.I guess it's a testament to Anne Stuart's writing. I mean, I've never encountered a character I hate so much, but love at the same time. Or read a book less romantic, but loved the romance so much. And then, she has a brilliant way with words, the story is completely un-put-downable and engaging, and the pace is perfect. It's not even that short, but I read it in one sitting, in 6 hours or so. They are constantly on the run and there's not a moment that nothing is happening. A couple of good twists, too.There's a sex scene that is definitely blurring the lines of dubcon at first read, but later on the heroine sort of admits that it was consensual. Three sex scenes altogether, but they aren't really that graphic, although they are descriptive, so for those who care about these things it's definitely a mature read.Do you get a HEA in the end? I'm not saying, but I'll tell you that I had my doubts until the very last sentence.Honestly, I didn't expect this book. I just hope the rest of them are as good as this first in the series. Do I recommend it? YES. It's really, really good, especially if you are looking for something different.