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Making His Mark - Jennah Scott I actually finished this book.SPOILERS AHEAD, SO BEWARE.Alexis and Bo have this love/hate relationship, but deep down they care about each other more than they're ready to admit. But that's unimportant.Alexis wants a tattoo, I guess to signify a new beginning or something, I didn't really get it.Bo is a tattoo artist, and he refuses to do it, telling her that he doesn't tattoo his friends (this is important information, but more about that later).Bo is LIEK the best ever tattoo artist and she really wants him to do it. But nope, he won't do it.Personally, I'd just go somewhere else. But then this book wouldn't have been written, because the rest of the it focuses on whether or not he will do her tattoo and why will he and why won't he. There's also some nonsense about her ex cheating on her.I kid you not, that is the actual plot of this book, with bouts of make up sex scenes after their forced arguments.Both these characters are mental. She is a drama queen with permanent PMS. She actually meets up with her friend Sarah in order to vent to her about Bo, and then she ends up totally dismissing her, I might say, sound advice, and snapping at her.Bo is exactly the same, so there's no reason for me to talk about his character. He was like a girl trapped in a man's body.They pick fights with each other for whatever reason, just so they could make up afterwards. Completely unnatural and forced. The dialogue is so stilted I was cringing the whole time.Oh, I have to talk some more about Sarah. Sarah is actually on Bo's side and a couple of times she tells Alexis that they're meant to be and things like those. Then, this:“Of course I like Bo. But if I need to tell you to go get yourself laid to take your mind off him and it helps, then that’s what I’m going to do.”“Reverse psychology. Really, Sarah?”You need backstory for this. Bo wants Alexis to actually commit to him and that they be together. So, no, not reverse psychology. Just really, really bad advice. You have a friend who's trying to figure out this whole situation with someone she cares about and your advice is...to get laid? With someone else? Yeah, that'll totally fix the whole thing. NOT. But I digress.So, will Bo do her tattoo? No, because she's his friend (and maybe more, he doesn't know). But he will do the design and watch over the guy who does it. AH, the plot thickens!Then, there's the conflict! Alexis catches Bo.......................tattooing his friend from Indiana! THAT BASTARD. That's like tattoo cheating, right? I mean, WHAT? She runs away, ignores his calls, avoids him, ditches his design in favor of the other guy's design (in true fashion of a low blow to his tattoo artist's ego) blah blah..."How could I stay and watch you tattoo her? Lynette is your friend. I get that. But you've told me time and time again that you don't tattoo those close to you. If she's your friend, and I'm something more--or at least I hope I am--then why would you not do my work?Seriously. Every time I remember this quote I crack up.In the end, he does her tattoo. OOPS, SPOILER ALERT. Not that you didn't see it coming.Now, the writing. It was actually pretty okay, except I didn't like the transition between the characters' POVs. The book is really short, though it may not seem so because it will take you forever to filter through completely useless information or the endless amount of stating the obvious.Satellite was full of people getting a quick coffee or tea before heading back to wherever they needed to go. The café stayed busy most of the time with students studying and businessmen and women meeting.Yeah. If you say a coffee shop is busy, I get it, there's no need to elaborate. It wouldn't be busy with people, I don't know, dancing salsa?Alexis wrapped her arms around his neck, her lips fused with his in a kiss that had him reaching for her waist to keep from falling to the asphalt. Fire flashed through his body, he fisted Alexis’s hair and pulled her closer while parting her lips with his tongue. She twisted her hands around his waist, pressing her hips into his. As she rocked into him, a surge of desire lit him up below the belt and Bo jumped backwards.The relationship between Lex and Bo is...well, that quote up there is their first kiss. Nothing special, eh? But she refers to it as one very hot, very unforgettable, curl-your-toes kiss. I think neither of them knows any better. This kiss is actually so sudden, about 6% into the story, and completely uncalled for and unnatural. A couple of pages later, they have sex, too, and she's half asleep during.I don't think I've ever actually highlighted so much of a book as I did with this. Or written a longer review for something I didn't even like.So, why did I finish it? Because, UGH, I wanted to know why he wouldn't do the stupid tattoo. His parents think his career is a waste of time and that's he's a failure, so he didn't want to do hers because he loved her and couldn't bear it if she didn't like it...something about rejection.Rejection I would have understood because he completely takes the decision of what to get out of her hands and tattoos something that signifies...HIM. So, the title is actually one giant spoiler, since he does mark her, permanently.Actually, it would have been a nice symbolic thing if it was dealt with differently - him being her new beginning and all.So there you have it. Those who know me, know that I don't usually write reviews like these. And I even had some doubts on whether or not to post it after I've written it out. I figure reviews are for readers, not authors, so I've decided to be honest.Underneath this whole thing, it had potential to be a really good book. I liked the idea, or at least I liked what the blurb told me this book will be...But the execution? Not so much.