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Love and Relativity - Rachael Wade 27.01.'13 - Free in the Kindle store!I just want to say that I haven't read [b:Preservation|13131100|Preservation (Preservation, #1)|Rachael Wade|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1322692496s/13131100.jpg|18307334], and I can vouch that you don't need to read it to get this. Carter, which is the character from the other book, offers you a little of his back story, but either way it's irrelevant to what happens here because it has nothing to do with Jackson and Emma. Just wanted to point that out.Oh, I loved this! Unlike most of romance books out there, it was different than what the usual is today.Yeah, Jackson's a playboy, and Emma completely changes him. But that's about the only thing that makes this sound the same as every other romance out there. Trust me, it's not. Rachael Wade handles it completely different and I was thrilled at the direction of the story and where it ended.That boy is like a bad rash. He spreads.I can't really talk about this without giving anything away, so I just won't go into detail too much. Let's just say there's more to Jackson than Emma thinks. And ultimately she doesn't give everything up for him, which is very important because I needed this in my romance - a strong-willed heroine that knows when to put herself and her dreams first.I was bummed for the most part of this, Jackson kept making mistake after mistake after mistake, but see, that's why he's a believable character. Nobody changes overnight, I'd like to think the-power-of-love is that strong, but it's not. I was so sad for him, life sure dealt him a shitty card, but at the same time he was so frustrating, it's no excuse for him to still act like a child at his age. I even hated him at one point. I'm glad with where his story went because he needed to get his sh*t together for himself, not someone else.There’s nothing left of me, because you have it all.The romance is actually believable! It's not out of the blue, BAM "I Love You", insta-love crap. These two have some serious history together, and it makes a lot of sense that there were intense feelings between them.I loved the way it was written too. Great chemistry between Jackson and Emma, I loved Carter and Whitney, I hated Jeff and stupid Chris. They all felt real to me. Amazing character development. There's some humor thrown in there, too. And the obligatory graphic sex scenes that I just have to mention because one - they were hot, and two - people like to know about this before they read things.Anyways, read it, I really loved it. I just wish I could have talked more about it without giving all the twists and turns away.I also need to take a moment and talk about the cover. If I never see these two (or those two from Easy cover, either) on another cover again, it will be too soon. I know they are popular and everything, but I feel like I'm being stalked by them at this point.