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Unsticky - Sarra Manning Just as well I DNFed this (at about 30%) because that means I'm not rating it.I liked [b:You Don't Have to Say You Love Me|8471815|You Don't Have to Say You Love Me|Sarra Manning|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1296530574s/8471815.jpg|13336502], so, so much, but this I just couldn't...stomach.Vaughn is creepy, condescending, calculating. And he has to pay women to sleep with him (or, you know, to show them off). I wasn't even annoyed with the age difference so much, even though that's not my thing, but the fact that he literally treats her like an object, and he insults her all the time. I wanted to punch him, repeatedly. He makes her order desserts so he could eat it.As for, like, Gracie, she's, like, so annoying. She puts up with these things he throws her way, insulting her hair, implying that she's an alcoholic... And then, I'm thinking she should have some sense of financial responsibility at that age, but no. She's incredibly immature and has these fake morals. I tried so hard to connect with her, but ugh. Just no. I wouldn't want her as an acquaintance, let alone a friend.My favorite character was Kiki, because she smacked her with that bracelet thingie.I left this off just as a very stilted, unpromising sex scene was about to start, the first in the book - but I can't guarantee that it wasn't a fade-to-black because I didn't finish it. And that's it, I have nothing else to say.