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Jar of Dreams - Liz Flaherty I liked this.I think it's the way this author writes - it has this calming effect, if that even makes sense - that works so well with the setting of the book, a fictional small-town of Taft where time seems to run at its own pace.There is absolutely no drama in this book. Not that it's boring, though, even if it is a bit slow, things are happening and it kept me turning the pages.The build up of the relationship between Lucy and Boone is slow too, but it works, it's realistic that neither of them would just jump into something with everything they have on their plates. And even when they get together it's not the explosive can't-live-without-you passion, but again, it works really well with this book.That being said, the two main characters could sometimes be real downers. Whenever things would get good, they would go back to their woes and dampen the mood. I know they found comfort in talking about it to each other, so I get it, but it would just ruin the mood.Liz Flaherty has a peculiar style of writing, like I said. It worked with the story well, she creates this close knit community of lovable characters that all bring something to the story and there's this peacefulness to their lives in Taft. The romance is not the main focus of the story. There's a bit of a mystery, too, and although I kind of guessed what was going on, but not why - it was still fun seeing if I was right. She slowly reveals it, and no questions are left unanswered in the end.There are no graphic sex scenes, it's all fade to black. It suits the story, I think.I see there's a companion book to this that I didn't read, but it's not necessary to read it because you get some back story that explains a few things I may have wondered about.If you are looking for a sweet love story, two people finding love and comfort in each other and starting over, and all that without a lot of drama, this is definitely your book.**Free copy of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley.