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The Love of My (Other) Life - Traci L. Slatton I liked the premise of this book so much, but the execution? Not so good. So it only gets 1.5 from me.I'll start off by saying what I liked about it.The other Brian - he was a great character. I liked that he could actually distinguish between two Tessas, but he was still such a man about it (and desperate, I think.) I loved him with the other Tessa, he was quirky and eccentric in a great way and I can definitely see why she loved him.It wasn't very long, or at least it reads really fast, and that's a blessing in disguise.It's written in dual POV - Tessa's in 1st person, and Brian's in 3rd person. I loved this, it somehow distinguished this from that and it really worked well with the story. And I loved the format of short chapters.Unfortunately, I hated Tessa's character. She is extremely immature for a 33 year old - she gets herself into this ludicrous mess and then acts like it was forced upon her. I just wanted to punch her, repeatedly.She contradicts herself all the time. First she says Brian looks like a homeless person, tries to shake him off every chance possible, then she sleeps with him. Then she's disgusted by sleeping with someone like him, only she does it again. Then she says it will never happen again, except it does.Her whole "my art is more art than your art" speeches were annoying the hell out of me. Let the people create and like what they like. I hate art snobs, but it wasn't just that. She was so self righteous like only she knew what should be called art, it came off as extremely conceited and pretentious.The writing isn't really good.The dialogue had me cringing, a lot. At one point you get to read this gem:"Nice!" Brian ejaculated.I sprayed my drink all over my Kindle when I read that. I need to clarify that they are having a conversation about a painting. They are most definitely not having sex.edit: I was just informed that this is, in fact, a speaking verb, which is so awesome. But I still think it doesn't work in modern literature.I don't even want to think about the whole porn video fiasco. Why that was in this book is beyond me, it was a completely ridiculous subplot that had absolutely nothing to do with the story.There was some physics and art speak that I wasn't familiar with. Well, most of it, really. It felt like an inside joke that I just didn't understand.There are no graphic sex scenes, but there's some talk about sex in the book. The cover is completely inappropriate for what the book is about. Don't think it's erotica, because its not.Overall, I wouldn't say that it was a waste of time because I read the book really fast. And I'm giving the book an extra half a star for the good idea. But I wouldn't read it again, and I don't think I would recommend it, either.**Free copy of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley.