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Second Rate Chances - Holly Stephens I've been looking forward to this for ages. And what a wonderful, sweet love story it was.Sam and Lil are like these star-crossed lovers, they had everything, and then, in an instant, it was taken away from them. Or rather, something happened to break this love they had for each other.The story starts out showing you just how good everything was before things fell apart. They were a young couple on the brink of a happily ever after.Three years later, Sam is getting married in just weeks time, and it's not Lil he's marrying. And Chloe is nothing like Lil.Then, he wakes up in a hospital after an accident, thinking it's the day after the prologue and wanting to see the woman he loves, when in reality they haven't been together for three years.I loved the way this was written. Holly Stephens slowly reveals the mystery of just what happened, and how Sam and Lil came to this place they were at at the time of his accident.You're just as frustrated as Sam when everyone keeps blaming him for doing something horrible to cause this split and hurt the person he loved the most. His friends are gone, his family completely estranged. Or the way he was disgusted at himself when he realized the man he's become.On the other hand, Lil kind of kept worrying that after she tells him what happened, he would leave again. So maybe she was the one to blame for the split.There is a lot of emotion in this story, you can tell how much they loved each other, and how bad the heartbreak was when everything fell apart. You mourn the loss of what they had along with them.I won't lie and say that the story is unpredictable, though. I had it all figured out before anything was revealed, even the little things. I was hoping I wouldn't be right in my assumptions, because I've read something similar before, minus the amnesia. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed the story.I didn't like that Lil got so involved with Sam when she knew he belonged to someone else. She should have known better. I know this may be a minor thing to some, but memory or no memory, he was set to get married in just a week or two.The way everyone just sort of shrugged it off when they started going places together, holding hands and being lovey-dovey, when there was Sam's ring on another woman's finger just didn't sit right with me.I'm thinking the author could have handled this differently. She tried to make this right by turning Chloe into a heartless witch, and that's something else I didn't like. It doesn't make it okay. And it kind of left a sour taste all over this wonderful story.The book has no graphic sex scenes, but there are a couple of 18+ situations, and then it's fade-to-black. I'd call it fairly clean by today's standards.I don't know what was with the biblical names, but it was kind of fun trying to spot them throughout the book. Oh and also, I didn't find a single thing to parallel the Samson and Delilah story... no idea why it says that in the blurb.Anyways, I definitely recommend this book. It's a very heartfelt, emotional story that will have you root for Sam and Lil from the beginning till the end.