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What Love Sounds Like - Alissa Callen What I liked the most about this book is how subtle the romance is. You know these two will be perfect for each other but it takes them both a while to get to that, and not before each of them overcomes some personal demons first.Kade Reid and Mia Windsor basically had the same upbringing. As much as it seems that something like that would result in like personalities, it couldn't be farther from the truth. Where she is bubbly and kind, he is closed off and indifferent, a workaholic that feels like he can't make space in his life for his four year-old niece.The initial attraction between these two is obvious, but Alissa Callen takes time to build up their relationship.Mia makes it a personal mission to help Kade connect with little Tilly, learning about Kade and understanding why he is the way he is in the process. Kade, although initially fighting the splash of color that is Mia in his life, slowly lets the walls he's built around himself fall. I wish I could talk more about it but I feel that whatever else I say it will be a spoiler.The writing is good, simplistic and to-the-point. I'd say there was good chemistry between Kade and Mia, but it was very, very subdued, like everything in this story. It's more focused on character development, but for something so short I can't say that I was impressed. I loved the setting, and Tilly was so sweet. I loved the ending.I did feel that the author sort of introduced the Jack story out of the blue.For those wondering, no sex scenes...as a matter of fact, this is very clean, not even a fade-to-black thing.It's fairly short, so it's a fast read. I definitely recommend it.