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There is No Light in Darkness (Darkness, #1) - Claire Contreras Ugh, I hate cliffhangers. How did I not know this was a series? Seriously, authors. Have some patience. Finish your stories. The readers will still be here. I wouldn't mind reading a book twice as long if it means I get my answers right away.Ok, with that out the way, I have to say I really loved this. Couldn't put it down, actually. It's different, the romance and the mystery of what happened and why, it keeps you guessing all the time.I had a million theories in the beginning, but they were shot down one by one. I was right about one thing, though, but I won't say which one because I don't want to give anything away. Then again, the author was hinting so much at it, I kind of wished I was wrong. But still, even that had a twist I didn't see coming.I love Cole and Blake. They have insane chemistry and some serious history between them that makes the story of these two intense and powerful.I loved that despite what they had, they were still able to function without each other, neither of them were mopey and sappy. But they were so perfect for each other I was rooting for them from the very beginning. And I loved that they were able to just get over everything that happened in the past and take a chance on them again.However, this book is more than romance. There is a mystery that needs to be uncovered, Blake's past that keeps haunting her in her dream and real life. She realizes that she can't really trust her memories about what happened the night her parents were killed and she was taken away. I must say that I was surprised at some of the pieces of puzzle that fall into place.Unfortunately, you only get half the story because the book ends on a major cliffhanger. Yep, it's another one in the trend of books that leave you hanging.But the writing is wonderful, and the pace is perfect. The author does skip in time a lot, but I liked it, it suited the story. There's an array of colorful characters, and the whole gang - Blake and Cole, Aubrey, Becky, Greg and Maggie, and later Aimee - they really do feel like a family and I loved their dynamic. Even Russell was a great character and he's barely there.For clean romance readers, I hate to disappoint you - there are a couple of graphic sex scenes. I didn't think they were over the top, though, and there weren't many. The focus of the story is more on the emotional aspect of their relationship, I think.Do I recommend this? I just don't know! I mean, of course I do, I really loved the book. But now I'm stuck waiting for the sequel and I'm scared that by the time it's out I'll get over it. I wish I'd read this when I can get the whole story at once. So yeah, I do recommend it.